Preventing the Great Escape

· The usual commotion of the holiday season can be stressful on animals as well as humans. With holiday guests coming and going, the front door will be opening and closing more than usual. An open door may be too tempting for some pets to resist. Put your pets in a quiet room or quiet area of the house when guests are visiting. Make sure your pets are wearing the proper identification. If during the commotion they become confused and escape the safety of your home, proper identification will ensure that if your pet is found, he will be returned to you.

· IF your pet DOES slip out, resist the urge to chase - which will turn it into a game. Instead, encourage him to come back to you by enticing him with a favorite treat.

We hope that these few tips are helpful in keeping your pet(s) safe this holiday season. They are an important part of your family and sometimes during these busy times the above can easily be forgotten.
Your support throughout these past few months is greatly appreciated and we look forward to building relationships in the future.