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By taking part in our "Sponsor-a-Pet Program" you can help save the life of one or more homeless animals. You can choose the pet you wish to sponsor, or leave it to us to decide. Either way, please help us to give an abandoned pet a second chance at a wonderful life.




This is Seinfeld. He is a 1.5yr old male Entlebucher
Mix. Seinfeld will be needing to go through heartworm
treatment and will be at CARES for at least a few
months before going up for adoption. Your sponsorship
will help provide the heartworm procedure.

Marilyn W

Ms. Tali


This is Ms. Tali - her name means
"Forgotten One" Tali will be with
us for awhile as we need to get
her back to a healthy weight and
get her skin and ear issues cleared
up. This poor girl was left to
die alone in the streets before
a group of wonderful people
helped her find her way to CARES.

Mary Ann Nance(In Loving Memory of JJ and Abbey)
Patti Smith
Daniel H
Jill C
Lisa H
Marilyn W